Workshop God's Code for Business

The Christian Business Club is excited to announce an amazing workshop event called God's Code for Business, hosted by Ronald Nair.

Ronald is the Co-Founder of Affluence Magazine and he is involved in multiple talk-show, high-end events, and is a forerunner in the world of luxury. He is also a devout believer and a man of God. His workshop has been taking South Africa by storm and he is helping to reshape many businesses and people.

It is an exciting workshop that will help you unlock God's code of ‘success’. It takes a look at the importance of Rivers in the Bible, rivers provide correction, protection, and direction. Rivers represent life. The course will flow through a series of scriptures from the Bible to help you unlock the road map to ‘success’. The course is designed to shift your thinking and understanding.

In the workshop Ronald addresses the questions:
What can be learned from Joseph, King Solomon, and Gideon?
What does "Blessed" mean?
Does God want you to prosper?
Why is Unity important?
What was Eden?

This workshop will be starting on Tuesday, 27 April, and will run once a week for 5 weeks. Each workshop will be on a Tuesday and will start at 18:00h and end at 19:30h. The workshop officially ends at 19:30h but continued discussion and questions are possible.

Each participant will be given a copy of the E-book God's Code for Business and upon successful completion of the workshop, each participant will be given a certificate.

The workshop will be held in English, but Lana and Krešimir will be attending to help with basic Croatian interpretation of concepts.

The price is 500 kn and there is a limit of 30 people for this workshop so please confirm your spot as soon as possible.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to discover God's Code for Business.